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Ambry CARE Program

Better identify women at high risk for cancer using comprehensive genetic and family history assessments powered by Intalere and Ambry Genetics®.

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Intalere CareONE Patient-Centered Clinical Risk Management

An end-to-end population health solution offering an additional level of preventive services and revenue enhancement.

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Partner with our subject matter experts to uncover opportunities to optimize your business intelligence and diagnostic imaging data through technology assessments and advancements designed to amplify population health management.

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Intalere Insurance Services

Get broader coverage at a lower total cost with exclusive insurance services that enable you to operate a successful healthcare organization and meet the needs of your employees and the communities you serve.

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Intalere Labor Advantage

Improve productivity and efficiency with an all-in-one solution that includes comprehensive reviews of all financial and operational areas of your organization, the development of realistic schedules and action plans to achieve your established goals.

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Intalere OptiAnalytics

Increase spend and contract visibility and drive procurement insights, profitability, performance and growth opportunities with cost, market and service line analytics.

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Intalere OptiMIM Advantage℠

Manage item master data more effectively, improve organizational efficiency and reduce risk with a single source of trusted, verified and enriched data.

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Intalere OptiPrice Advantage℠

Experience real-time product cost transparency, enabling you to compare the price you’re paying for medical surgical products to the price other hospitals across the country are paying for the exact same products.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Free your staff from repetitive, time-consuming manual processes, reduce errors and deliver profitability directly back into your facility with RPA.

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Intalere Emergency Management

Enhance emergency operations at every stage and ensure supply chain continuity with solutions, suppliers and resources specifically equipped to minimize disruptions to facility operations and patient care when disaster strikes.

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